During laser hair removal, you’ll wear a special goggles at all times so your eyes won’t be exposed to light from the laser. At first, you will likely feel a stinging sensation, indicating that the laser has been activated. The treatment involves a series of impulses that cause prickling and a slight burning sensation. Your clinician may also apply a topical anesthetic to the area being treated to minimize discomfort, but most people can tolerate the procedure without it.

Some people have likened the feeling to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin. You might also detect the smell of singed hair, which is nothing to worry about. You won’t fall asleep in the treatment chair but you will not be in pain – it is much less uncomfortable than traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing, plucking, and electrolysis. The discomfort associated with laser hair removal is minimal and depends on the treatment area.

The Laser we use has a cool stream of air that cools the skin immediately before the laser fires. We can make the treatment effective yet comfortable by adjusting the amount of energy delivered. Furthermore, our Laser is the latest in Laser Hair Removal technology, and one of the most distinguishable qualities it has is the minimal, sometimes absent, level of pain during treatments. In fact, majority of our patients do not require the use of any numbing agents.